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(Grant x Macie)


3/7/11: At Mike's first rally trial in a year he won his first two Rally Advanced legs with a 94 and 3rd place and a 98 and 2nd place. 

3/10/11: At the Poodle Club of San Antonio all-breed rally trial, Mike won his Rally Advanced title with a score of 98 and first place

"He is such a joy because of his wonderful cheerful work ethic." 
- Valeska (owner)

Mike earned his Rally Novice title in three trials! He earned his first two legs at the San Antonio Dog Training Club's obedience trials with scores of 90 and 91. He earned his third leg and title at the Poodle Club of San Antonio's all breed rally trial with a score of 96 and 4th place. See photos below:





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