I am blessed to live on 150 acres of scenic land in Florence, Alabama. It's called Meadowcreek Farm and home of Jule Too's Border Collies. Our farm is complete with a house that was built for my dogs, (I like to think it's Border Collie heaven) and family to live in harmony.

My dogs have a safe and secure playground of 100 acres enclosed with upper and lower pastures where we work my borders and graze our herd of sheep, ducks, guineas, geese, swans, donkeys and one Arabian mare named Isabella. Having sheep and two lambing seasons presents an opportunity for my borders to develop their innate herding abilities and give them exercise and responsibilities of doing a job for which they were bred.

Included on this farm are three ponds and a 6 mile creek that offers cooling off and plenty of fun exercise in our hot and humid summertime in the south. My borders are also my constant companions but we love to give back to the community by offering special dogs as therapy dogs. Children come and visit the farm and are delighted to see all the animals.

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