AKC Herding Titles
HT --Herding Tested. The lowest test level.
PT -- Pre-Trial Tested. The level just before trial. Highest test level.
HS -- Herding Started. The started level.
HI -- Herding Intermediate. The intermediate level.
HX -- Herding Excellent. The advanced level.

If you want more information about the AKC program, you may contact the AKC at their performance events department in New York. The complete AKC herding regulations are available on-line at http://www.akc.org/herd.htm

ASCA Herding Titles:
At each level (EXCEPT WTCH), a letter designating the type of stock is added after the title (i.e., STD-s, OTD-c, ATD-d).

STD -- Started Trial Dog. The started level.
OTD -- Open Trial dog. The intermediate level.
ATD -- Advanced Trial dog. The advanced level.>br> WTCH -- Working Trial Champion.

For more information, you may contact ASCA at: 6091 E SH 21, Bryan, TX 77803, (409)823-3491, or find them online at http://www.asca.org/stkrules.htm

AHBA Herding Titles: In all levels except HTCH, the type of stock the title is earned on is indicated by a letter after the title, as in HRDIs.

HCT: Herding Capability Tested. Lowest test level.
JHD: Junior Herding Dog. Next test level. HTDI: Herding Trial Dog, Level one. The started level.
HTDII: Herding Trial Dog, level two. The intermediate level
HTDIII: Herding Trial Dog, level three. The advanced level.
HRD: Herding Ranch Dog. Also has levels I, II, and III, as above.
HTCH: Herding Trial Champion



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