Present Show Team

Jule Too's Key to My Heart


Jule Too's Petals From Heaven

Jule Too's Million Dollar Baby
"Meadow Rose"


Extended Family


Jule Too's First Kiss


Past Show Team


Ellie Amer. Ch. Clan-AbbyTe-Treasure-of-NZ 

Jule Too's Ribbons in the Sky


Merrinda Hellowbravenewworld
at Juletoo


Amer. Ch. Jule Too's Treasure Trove


Jule Too's First Kiss



Amer. Ch. Clan-Karola Betsy Ross


Amer. Ch. Jule Too's Joy of My Life


Amer. Grand Ch. Jule Too's Here We Go Again


Amer. Ch. Jule Too's Apple of My Eye



Amer. Grand Ch. Jule Too's Southern Belle of Rising Star





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