My name is Lisa Schneider, a Border Collie breeder from Florence, Alabama. My husband and I have a 150-acre farm that includes every animal you can imagine for Border Collies to herd -- but my passion is the dogs.

Jule Too Border Collie foundation stock comes from the worlds finest kennels in New Zealand, Australia and England. Due to our breeder ethics and objectives with this breed we do not breed for quantity, but quality. We produce dogs of superior type, temperment, structure, and working ability.

Jule Too Border Collies live on a farm and work the livestock. We feel that our offspring can do it all from the conformation ring, agility, obedience, to working sheep on the farm. Jule Too Border Collies are the complete package of the "best of the best".

At Jule Too we constantly strive to excell this wonderful breed. Should you have any questions or if we can be of any help in helping you find your next family member please let us know. We always love to talk about Border Collies, our kids, or what is going on in the Border Collie world.

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